Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interest rates are low, buyers are out with venom, my kids are thriving, Tiger and Bynum are healthy, even my neurotic sixteen year old cat has not peed in the house in weeks, and then this.
My family and I were coming back from brunch in Venice this last Sunday when this bright yellow monstrosity was seen taking over the fast lane on the 134 East. My seven year old started laughing, my two year old cheered, and my wife and I were left speechless, which is amazing all on its own. I actually thought of a real estate term while passing it in the carpool lane: encroachment. It felt as if we were being swallowed whole. While Obama is in Europe spreading the goodness and trying to clean up a monumental hole that W left him, this spectacle that shouldn’t be street legal is on the streets of Los Angeles. And, if that weren’t bad enough, it’s available for rent. I have a better idea, go to and check out the S.

OK, for now I got the rant completely out of my system. Let’s get back to the first ten words of this entry. The bottom of the market is here. Prices for real estate are finally within reach and the interest rate on a conventional loan is 5% or under. A double-whammy. So, it truly appears to be a time that offers more potential for investment than in recent history.

Whether it’s a refinance, purchase, loan modification, investment property, or an upgrade, the opportunities are out there.