Saturday, June 12, 2010


Zeus, Apollo or just the Dad of a three year old?

The other night (morning?) at 3ish, my son called out, "Daddy, I need you!" about 15 times.  So I walked into his dark room and asked if he was ok.  I could see him sitting up in his bed, sucking his thumb.  I touched his forehead lightly and, without a word, he laid back in his bed and fell asleep.  It was then that I realized…I possess magical powers!

If I can make a human fall asleep with a single touch, what else can I do? I've often asked my kids if they want a magic kiss for their boo-boos.  I thought it was a cute thing to say, but maybe my kiss is truly supernatural.  So, today I sit here wondering how to use my magical powers.  This business about the oil spill should take some kind of priority, I think.  So...BOOM, oceans are clean.  What’s next?  Oh, I could magically make my daughter not want to try 15 different extra-curricular-after-school-things next year.  Yeah, that's a good one.  Umm, cure for cancer? Peace in the Middle East? No guilt from family members? 30 hour days? Done and done.

OK, the world's saved from evil.  I now have six pack abs, a full head of hair, drive a Tesla S, and, most importantly, have a three year old boy who thinks (for a very short time) that I'm pretty awesome.