Friday, July 24, 2009

Are we losing our minds?

I had to go pick Silas, our 2 year old, up from daycare today because he was a little throw-uppy.  And when I say a little, I actually mean a lot.  Poor little dude.  Anyway, as I was driving him home, I looked into the backseat to check on him.  As I leaned back, the car moved a little to the left in my lane.  Well, the woman next to me did not like this one bit, despite the fact that she could see I was checking on my little guy.  So I gave her the “whoops, my bad” gesture.  She took a moment, and then gave me the uncompromising middle finger.  I looked at her and laughed out of shock, and then she gave me the finger again.

Then I witnessed a guy reading the newspaper while driving a big white van…on the freeway.  He had it opened up across the steering wheel.  Really?

Are we losing our minds? 

I, for one, know that we men are not particularly concentrated drivers and/or multi-taskers.  My wife thinks that I get honked at a disproportionate number of times within a week.   Like everyone doesn’t get honked at multiple times in a week, jeez.  Anyway, lately, I am doing my best to be self entertained in the car, care of Raw Dog satellite radio, and pay a bit more attention to the road.  I’m specifically terrified of the intersections with cameras, which my wife recently learned is about a $500 ticket.

This weekend I will be performing with my kindie-rock band Egg, at Bluffs park Saturday and will be hosting an open house at a Lorcan O’herlihy designed project in Hollywood.  It is an amazing piece of work with unparalleled views. 

Bluffs Park performance is at 11:30am Saturday July 26th

The open House will be from 2pm-5pm Sunday July 27th at 7917 Willoughby Ave, West Hollywood.






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