Friday, July 31, 2009

Honey, I’m thinking of taking the kids to Florida to see my Grandparents next month

Oh yes, this is going to be great! My wife and kids will be out of town for four days. That's got to be several hundred hours right? I am going to sleep in every day, smoke cigars, golf, and see bad movies with guy friends.

Well, they left approximately 34 hours ago and I have not slept in, smoked a single cigar or golfed. I did catch the last twenty minutes of the Hulk on cable last night, alone. And, from what I saw it was in fact...bad. But I am supposed to be living it up bachelor style! I should be slightly buzzed in Vegas finishing up on the 18th hole getting ready for some gambling. As of now, I have worked and slept. Much more work than usual and just about the same amount of sleep. Why? Is this guilt or is the fantasy of cutting loose just that, a fantasy?

Tomorrow I am going to cut loose…

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